Alumni Spotlight: Cordell Carter, ASUW 1997-98 Vice President

Cordell Carter

Cordell Carter

1. What was your most memorable UW class?

I had many at UW. However, one that stands out is Political Science 101, as we dissected “Lord of the Flies” as a metaphor for civilization. When I used to do labor negotiations, I would mentally categorize people Jack Merridew or Ralph to determine how to approach them.

2. Who is your hero? Why?

Teddy Roosevelt. He possessed a remarkable intellect and was a renaissance man – as adept at hunting as he was at writing. His life was constant motion and  adventure, tragedy and triumph were his companions. He was often out of place, way ahead of his time, yet incredibly productive as if he was in on a secret that few knew. He was a remarkable human being who inspires me to be more productive.

3. What would be your go-to karaoke song?

Creep by Radiohead. I came of age in 1990s, so I love the splendid darkness of grunge music.

4. What is your favorite Husky football game day tradition?

An enormous mountain of fresh fruit on top of pancakes at Portage Bay in Roosevelt Avenue!

5. What has been your favorite memory of the HUB?

It’s more a feeling than a memory. The HUB was the one spot on campus where students ran the show. I remember it as a place full of hope and great expectations.