A word from Lincoln Johnson

HUB Alumni Newsletter: Lincoln Johnson


One might say that we live in turbulent times. The past few months on campus have featured moments of anxiety, polarization, celebration, fear, joy, and frustration. Yet through it all, the leadership of ASUW and GPSS continue to shine brightly and do all they can to serve their respective campus communities. I would guess that it hasn’t been the easiest time for student leadership, but thankfully, our 2 student governments continue to represent, engage, encourage, and connect in positive and effective ways. No matter what role you played in GPSS and/or ASUW, I hope you reflect on your experience and see the value that it played in your life and on your development as a citizen, community member, and human being. My colleagues and I are tremendously thankful for the opportunity to play a small role in supporting and mentoring past and current leaders. Transformation happens from both ends of the spectrum and I continue to say that our work with student leaders is transformative for those of us who advise and support the services and programs of student government.

I hope you enjoy this edition of the HUB Alumni Newsletter. We simply don’t have the room to cover all the good work of ASUW, GPSS and the HUB, but from what I’ve heard through the grapevine, you seem to appreciate these quarterly highlights. Be well, y’all.

Lincoln Johnson