A Message from Lincoln Johnson, Associate Vice President for Student Life

Lincoln Johnson


As you might have heard, a new HUB Director was hired this summer and he has already proven to be a tremendous asset to the student union. You can learn more about Justin further into this newsletter.

I promise that I’m not going anywhere at this point. Why would I ever leave this outstanding institution? I have had the chance to support, mentor, challenge and advise the most creative, talented and intellectually stimulating students over the last 20 years and I don’t see that changing very much. That certainly goes for the strong alumni network we’ve fostered over the years.

But here’s what is so awesome about the recent professional transition; it’s only going to get better because the new HUB leader is going to build upon and enhance this glorious HUB alumni network. Justin and I will continue to actively engage our alumni community and create meaningful events and opportunities.

I hope you’ll stick with us. It’s going to be a fun adventure.