Interactions with Youth

Sponsorship of Activities Involving
Youth Using University Facilities

Any RSO who wishes to sponsor an activity on University property that involves youth (people under the age of 18) as a primary audience must receive a recommendation from their SAO Adviser and have their event reviewed by the Office for Youth Programs Development and Support. In general, events that have a high risk of injury, require changing or removing clothing, use of a locker room, field trips, or overnight stays will not be allowed.

RSOs must meet or exceed the requirements of UW Administrative Policy Statement 10.13 which sets minimum requirements for third party led youth programs that operated on University property.

Prior to the event, the RSO is required to:

  • Meet or exceed requirements
    of APS 10.13 (includes provisions for background checks, staff training,
    conduct expectations, reporting obligations, ensuring a safe environment, and
    adoption or development of emergency and safety plans);

    • Note that completing these
      requirements, including background checks, can take several weeks
  • Complete UUF or equivalent
    agreement with the UW facility/property being used which will include
    certification you have met or exceeded the above requirements;
  • Have the event reviewed by completing
    the following event review process (see below)
  • (As applicable) Collect an Acknowledgement of Risk (AOR) [AOR Example] form signed by a parent or guardian for each
    participating minor and keep records to have on hand at the event;

Event Review Process:

  1. Submit the Special Events Involving
    Youth form(link) to your Advisor prior to the event start date. The
    Advisor will review and ensure that the form is satisfactorily completed.
  2. The Advisor will send the
    completed form to the Office for Youth Programs Development and Support
    for review and comment.
  3. Comments will be returned to the
    Advisor and RSO contact within 5 business days. RSO is expected to address
    comments during event planning and execution.

The Office for Youth Programs Development and Support must receive the Special Events for Youth form for review no less than 30 days in advance of the event.

Please Note: If approved, an RSO must agree to abide by all conditions and policies outlined. Failure to abide by all conditions and policies outlined will result in disciplinary action outlined in the RSO Policy Guide.

RSO Participation in Non-sponsored Events Involving Youth on University

If an RSO is participating in any activities involving youth held on University property that are run by non-UW sponsors, you are advised to confirm that they understand and will abide by the requirements of APS 10.13.

References for general safety