Printing & Copying Yearly Limits and Point Allowances

RSOs and ASUW & GPSS entities may use the printing and copying resources at the Resource Center with the following provisions:

  • Allowance: Each student group is provided an allowance of $50 (5000 points).
  • Rollover Points: Points DO NOT roll over from year to year.
  • RSO Print Codes: Only the 5 listed RSO Officers, with picture ID, may retrieve or reset their print code
  • RSO Print Code Usage: It is the RSO Officers’ responsibility to provide their RSO print code to their RSO members
  • RSO Officer Change: It is the RSO officers’ responsibility to notify SORC when an officer change has taken place so that the new officers can reset or retrieve their RSO’s assigned print code.
  • ASUW/GPSS Print Codes: Only the elected or hired representative, with picture ID, from each official student government entity may retrieve or reset their print code

Printing Points

Supplies Points
Black & white print or copy 1 point/side
Color print or copy 10 points/side
Plotter Printing 15 points/linear foot

Buttons – Balloons – Butcher Paper Yearly Limits and Point Allowances

RSOs are provided an allowance of $35.00 – 3500 points over an academic year (Fall-Summer). Points do not roll over from year to year. RSOs use up their points for usage of buttons, balloons, and butcher paper. RC staff will keep track of all usage and apply it to the RSO allowance.

Supplies Points Limits:
2.25-inch button $0.08 – 8 points/button 60 buttons/week/group*
1-inch button $0.06 – 6 points/button 60 buttons/week/group*
Balloons $0.08 – 8 points/balloon 15 balloons/day/group
Butcher Paper   50 feet/week/group

*The 60-button limit per week applies to all, total buttons made.