Use of UW Trademarks by registered student organizations

UW RSOs may not use UW trademarks without approval from UW Trademarks and Licensing Office (UWTLO).


  • Names and Logos RSOs cannot use the name of the University in their RSO name or logo except to show it’s status as an RSO at the UW. When doing so, the name of the RSO must proceed the name of the University. “Husky” can be used in the name of the RSO, but when doing so, club, association, or organization must be included in the name. Names and logos following this rule do not need to be approved by UWTLO, but UWTLO reserves the right to request changes to adhere to this rule.
  • Websites, Social Media and Printed Materials (posters, flyers, etc.) RSOs are not allowed to reproduce the UW trademarks on websites, social media, or printed materials. If an exception is granted, approval must be received in writing by UWTLO for use.
  • Producing Products (t-shirts, mugs, pens etc.) RSOs must use a UWTLO approved licensee to create any products. The licensee will obtain approval for every product produced. RSOs may only use the UW trademarks on products with the RSO’s name and/or logo, when there is clear separation between the logos. RSOs cannot alter or change any UW trademarks and must follow the RSO Trademark Use Guidelines. RSOs may not assign UW trademarks, or grant permission to use, to any other entity for any purpose, including but not limited to, outside vendors creating products not approved by UWTLO.

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  1. Follow all policies for UW trademark use.
    • No Alterations UW trademarks may not be altered in any way. The “Block W” can only be shown in purple, gold, black, white, and gray.
    • Co-branding UW trademarks may not be used in conjunction with the name or trademark of any other entity without the prior written permission from the entity and UW.
    • Designation Symbols All uses of UW trademarks on retail or promotional products will incorporate the appropriate trademark designation symbols, ® or TM.
  2. UWTLO reserves the right to disapprove design choices that may be misleading to the relationship of UW and the RSO.
    • Clear Separation of RSO and UW Logos On apparel, a separation would be on the sleeve or back of the garment, on a mug it would appear on the opposite side.
    • UW Graphic Elements cannot be used by RSOs, including graphic representations, tag lines, etc.
    • Athletic Trademarks RSOs are not granted permission to use UW trademarks reserved for Athletics (the outlined styled Block W, Purple Reign and Dawg Pack).

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