Voluntary Contributions Through STAR
(Student Registration and Accounts System)


The Board of Regents has authorized use of the automated registration and student accounts system by registered student organizations to collect voluntary contributions from students, provided they satisfy specified criteria. The first opportunity for new organizations to use the systems for the purpose of collecting voluntary contributions was the 1994 winter quarter. The University will bear none of the expenses relating to the modifications, so costs thereof will be borne either by the qualifying organizations or, if deemed appropriate by their respective decision-making processes, by the ASUW and/or GPSS.

Registered student organizations, which are allowed to use the systems, will pay the costs of collecting their fees, which is currently 7.5 percent of all moneys received.


Registered student organizations which sponsor programs that are ongoing, campus-based and related to the educational mission of the University may use the automated student registration and accounts systems to collect voluntary contributions from students, provide they satisfy the criteria presented below.

Registered student organizations must present evidence of broad-based student support of their endeavors by obtaining signatures from a minimum of 15 percent of enrolled students – based on the autumn quarter enrollment of the academic year in which the organizations begins to collect signatures – and securing an affirmative vote of a simple majority of participation in an ASUW election.

  1. Petition forms for obtaining signatures must be in the format of the sample available at the Student Activities Office, HUB 232. Any change in petition format requires prior approval from the Director of Student Activities and Union Facilities.
  2. Petitions must be submitted to the Student Activities Office no later than March 1, allowing time for validation of signatures by the Registrar and printing of the ballot for the ASUW election in the spring quarter.
  3. 1. If approved in the ASUW election, the student group must send a letter to the Office of the Vice President for Student Life requesting they be placed on the system.

Once a registered student organization has been granted access to the systems, it must satisfy a number of requirements to retain that status.

  1. Attain a three-year annual average of 10 percent financial support by registered students,
  2. Every four years obtain a favorable vote by a majority of students voting in a regularly scheduled ASUW election,
  3. Submit an annual report of its activities to the Vice President for Student Life, and
  4. Receive annual approval from the Vice President for Student Affairs based on its compliance with the provisions of a standard agreement (copies of which are available from the Director of HUB or the Assistant Director of Student Activities, HUB 232.

Summary of Important Dates

Verification of final number of registered students fall quarter 10th week of Fall Quarter 10th week – day of Fall Quarter
Deadline for submission of petitions to Vice President for Student Life March 1
ASUW Elections 7th week of Spring Quarter
Letter requesting access to/retention on STAR Last day of Spring Quarter
Added to STAR system  

It is strongly recommended that any group wishing to gain access to STAR to collect voluntary contributions should first meet with the Assistant Director of Student Activities to review the entire process.

Updated: April 17, 2015
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