All food sold or served on University premises must meet applicable health standards as interpreted by the Environmental Health and Safety Department.

RSOs wishing to provide food for their members and guests at meetings or other events should meet with an SAO adviser early in the planning stage to assure compliance with University regulations.

Due to the variety of conditions related to temporary food service operations, there may be restrictions on foods or methods allowed for serving food at an event. A Temporary Food Service Event Application Form must be filed with the Environmental Health and Safety Department at least two weeks before an event. Applications are available at the Student Activities Office, most facility reservation offices and Environmental Health and Safety.

Temporary Food Service Events

Applications for Temporary Food Service Events are required for the following:

  • RSO events with food provided by a non-University caterer or supplier
  • Any food sold or given away to the public or general campus community
    (one form needed for EACH caterer/supplier)
  • RSOs or ASUW/GPSS preparing food (must be done in an approved facility by permitted food handlers)

Food Permit Application Process

  • Student: Works with SAO Adviser and facility coordinator to determine food service needs
  • Student: Completes Temporary Food Service Application with all pertinent caterer, food preparation details, as required
  • Student: Submits completed application to EH&S two or more weeks before an event.
    Mail to: EH&S Attn: Temp. Food Event
    Box 354400
    Seattle, WA 98195-4400
    Fax: 206.616.3360
  • EH&S: Notifies facility of permit approval
    EH&S: Contacts student and/or SAO Adviser in case of questions
  • If approved, permit is not transferable and is only valid for the place, time and organization stated on the application
  • If approved, no changes may be made without EH&S approval. Unauthorized changes may result in closure

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Policy Owner

Environmental Health & Safety
201 Hall Health Center
UW Box 354400