Note: Travel Grant funding has closed for the 2021-22 academic year. Details on funding opportunities for 2022-23 are yet to be determined and will be posted when available.

Beginning Winter Quarter, Travel Grants can be used to support in-person activities as well as virtual activities such as registration fees for online conferences or webinars.

The HUB Travel Grant for Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) is designed to advance and enrich the student experience at UW. This student engagement opportunity promotes the exchange of ideas and helps build a community in which students develop not only as scholars, but as well-rounded organization leaders and members. HUB Travel Grants for RSOs will enhance students’ intellectual and personal development and serve to further the goals of their groups.

Travel grant funding will make it possible for RSOs to attend programs they might be interested in but cannot otherwise afford such as:

  • Competitions
  • Conferences
  • Regional or national affiliation chapter meetings
  • Tournaments
  • Workshops

Travel grants may NOT be used for the following:

  • Donations or contributions
  • Prizes or giveaways
  • Gifts or membership recognition
  • Personal recognition or awards
  • Financial aid or scholarships
  • Legal services
  • Wages, salaries or stipends
  • T-shirts and clothing
  • Expenses of a personal nature
  • Existing organizational debt
  • Alcohol, tobacco, or drugs/drug paraphernalia
  • Travel credit or an academic program
  • Other unapproved expenses

HUB Travel Grant Stipulations

  • The maximum award amount for an RSO is $500 per academic year
  • Ground transportation (Bus, cabs, auto rental, airfare, and personal auto mileage reimbursement at UW rates)
  • Lodging, not to exceed allowable per diem rate (Hotels, motels, hostels)
  • Registration Fees (Conferences, tournaments, competitions, panel presentations)

HUB Travel Grant Communications

HUB Travel Grants for RSO award decisions are communicated to applicants via email.


The application and selection process is ongoing. Applications must be received at least three weeks prior to the travel date. No application will be considered for funding retroactively.

How to Apply for Funding

  1. REVIEW: all funding details and policies below prior to applying.
  2. DOWNLOAD: the Event Planning Worksheet and all funding applications you would like to apply for below.
  3. COMPLETE: the Event Planning Worksheet and all funding application(s). Note: if you are applying for multiple funding sources for one event, only one Event Planning Worksheet is required.
  4. SAMPLE Event Budget Planning Worksheet
  5. SUBMIT: completed form(s) to Note: all forms must be typed and submitted via email by one of the five Group Administrators. Please let us know if you need assistance completing the forms.
  6. SCHEDULE: a meeting with your SAO Adviser to discuss details of your Event. Your application will be reviewed once you have met with your SAO Adviser.
  7. NOTIFICATION: The RSO will be notified via email when a decision has been made. Note: notifications may take ten (10) business days or longer following committee reviews. Please factor this timing into event planning when requesting funds.
  8. Event Budget Planning Worksheet
  9. SAO HUB Travel Grant for RSOs

Distribution of Travel Grants

The HUB Travel Grants for RSOs is a reimbursement system. Materials are due seven (7) business days after the last day of the event/program travel. Proof of attendance (such as name badge with a logo on it, or letter from the conference confirming attendance) must be submitted along with all receipts for reimbursement. Please note: A travel report about the RSOs experience must be submitted too. (The SAO Adviser will share information about this during the initial meeting). Copies of all original receipts, as this is part of the reimbursement process, must also be submitted.

Updated: May 16, 2022
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