1. A registered student organization is responsible for conducting its affairs in a manner consistent with applicable University rules and regulations and will be held accountable for the action and behavior of its members or guests at on-campus activities.
  2. Each student organization and/or its officers or designated representatives shall anticipate, provide for, and promptly meet its legitimate financial obligations.
  3. It is the responsibility of the membership and particularly the officers of student organizations to familiarize themselves with the contents of the RSO Policy Guide. Since officers and members of registered student organizations are responsible for knowing and following University of Washington rules, regulations and policies, it is important that the information in this Policy Guide be passed along to new officers as they are selected.
  4. The officers of a student organization shall promptly notify the Student Activities Office of any changes in the organization’s officers or representatives, name of organization, contact information, or constitution. Information can be updated by an organization’s group administrators in their HuskyLink account, or they can contact the Student Activities Office to make requested changes at sao@uw.edu. Failure to notify the Student Activities Office of such changes will affect the degree of service that can be provided to student organizations and their members.
  5. The University of Washington does not act as legal agent for registered student organizations and expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for any damages of student organizations and their representatives including, but not limited to, financial obligations, contractual or otherwise.
  6. In accordance with Use of University Facilities policy (WAC 478.136.101), university facilities may not be used for private or commercial purposes such as sales, advertising, or promotional activities unless they serve an educational purpose. Therefore, student groups may not register with the Student Activities Office if they intend to sell, distribute, market or advertise goods or services on behalf of any off-campus commercial entity or affiliate.