Membership and Affiliations

Persons not associated with the University may be involved in student organizations at the University of Washington as long as they are associate members (without vote and ability to hold office), and University of Washington students are in the majority and retain control of the organization. Individuals in the community who are associate members can be an asset to the student organization in areas such as fundraising, networking with other groups, and program planning.

Many student organizations are affiliated with off-campus local, regional, national or international organizations. If the student organization is a “chapter” of an affiliate organization, the Student Activities Office will need a copy of the affiliate’s constitution on file to assure that the operation of the affiliate organization and its chapters are not in conflict with University of Washington policy.

Club Sports Membership

Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarter Club Sports

Membership is open to the following:

A. Students – All University of Washington (Seattle campus) regularly admitted and currently registered students who have a valid student Husky Card and not declared ineligible through disciplinary sanctions. Students must be 16 years of age or older to participate in club activities. Please note the difference with SAO registered clubs.

Please Note: University of Washington Extension and Branch Campus students (Tacoma & Bothell), students of the ASUW’s Experimental College, UW Alumni Association members, and the general public are not eligible for membership.

Please also note that certain Leagues or National Governing Bodies with which our teams are affiliated, may have additional eligibility regulations that prohibit participation from members attending Branch/Extension campuses.

B. Faculty/Staff – All University of Washington faculty and staff must purchase an IMA quarterly or annual membership prior to participation. [Exception: members of clubs that use the Waterfront Activities Center (WAC) only pay the WAC facility use fee (Kayak, Rowing)].

Note: See eligibility below for faculty/staff clarification on a competitive team.

C. Spouses/Registered Same Sex Domestic Partners – Can only participate in the same club as their partner upon purchase of an IMA Membership. [Exception: members of clubs that use the Waterfront Activities Center (WAC) only pay the WAC facility use fee (Kayak, Rowing)].

Summer Quarter

Students with a valid summer Husky Card. Students enrolled spring quarter and not during summer quarter, may participate upon purchase of an IMA Student Summer Membership. Exception: activities at the WAC.

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