SAO Mailboxes for RSOs

A limited number of mailboxes are available in the Student Activities Office for RSOs. Mailboxes are requested through the online registration and are filled on a space-available basis. If mailboxes are unavailable, RSOs are automatically placed on the wait list.

The SAO makes every effort to have mail distributed to the RSO mailboxes by noon, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

RSO Mailbox Guidelines

  • RSOs may check their mailboxes during SAO office hours and are expected to check their boxes at least once a week.
  • RSOs who fail to pick up mail on a regular basis risk losing their mailbox. If mail has not been picked up at least once a week, mail will be returned to sender.
  • RSOs who relinquish their mailbox are responsible for notifying others of their address change or forwarding.
  • RSOs that do not have an assigned mailbox may not have mail delivered at the SAO under any circumstance. Any mail received for RSOs who do not have a mailbox assigned to them, will be returned to sender.
  • RSOs are encouraged to notify the SAO office staff when they are expecting large packages or special deliveries.
  • Please check with the SAO staff to discuss special accommodations over the summer quarter.

Outgoing Mail

RSOs may use the outgoing mailboxes in the SAO for on-campus mail distribution and off-campus mailing via USPS.

The SAO office accepts packages to send via UPS or FedEx on behalf of RSOs. However, RSOs are responsible for filling out the required form, which can be obtained from the SAO. Packages without proper labeling and the correct information will not be sent.

Mailing Address for RSOs with an SAO Mailbox

Club Name
UW Box 352238, SAO [Box #]
Seattle, WA 98195