Distribution of Handbills, Leaflets, and Similar Materials

Non-commercial handbills, leaflets, and similar materials may be distributed by regularly enrolled students, and by University personnel in open areas per facility policy, and in meeting rooms that have been reserved for their use, so long as such distribution does not materially or substantially interfere with the conduct of University functions or the freedom of movement.

Signs, posters, and leaflets may be posted only on designated campus bulletin boards, which have been provided for such purposes. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to remove any promotional materials the day after the event. Any maintenance expense incurred by the University may be billed to the responsible organization.

Non-commercial materials for distribution to student organizations may be placed in SAO student organization mailboxes after approval by the Assistant Director of Student Activities. Materials placed in SAO mailboxes must be distributed by a student, student organization, or other campus entity, and bear identification of the sponsoring individual or entity. Political materials may not be distributed through RSO mailboxes located in SAO.

To promote robust dialog, the HUB encourages, but does not require, distributors of handbills, leaflets, and similar materials to include contact information on the material distributed.

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Updated: March 6, 2015
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