An Email/Web account is the most requested benefit that RSOs enjoy. Used and maintained properly, web pages and email can significantly improve an RSO’s visibility, publicity, recruitment and overall effectiveness in its endeavors. RSO Email/Web accounts are required in order to utilize the reservation system for the Resource Center and HUB Event Services, and funding applications available to RSOs outline in RSO Directory.

RSO Email:
RSO Website:

Email Account Options when Registering a Club

RSOs wishing to create or renew an email/web account must indicate so when submitting their Online Registration. Two (2) Registered Users (RUs) are required in order to create or renew an email/web account.

Registered Users (RUs)

  • The Registered Users (RUs) are the two currently registered students who are assigned to the email/web account during online registration.
  • PLEASE NOTE: When officers change, the RSO Primary Officer will be prompted to update the RUs.
  • The RUs agree to be responsible for the proper use of the account according to UW Tech Policies.
  • The RUs will be notified via email with all pertinent account and access information when the account is created, renewed, or updated.
  • Only the RUs may contact UW Tech for any troubleshooting or questions.
  • Only the RUs are allowed to contact SAO or UW Tech regarding their assigned account.

Email/Web Account and RSO Directory

All RSO email addresses and websites are listed in the RSO Directory. Contact SAO with questions about directory updates.

UW Tech: Email Services Switched to the Cloud

The UW Email service that runs the email portion of an SAO account was shut down on June 30, 2011. All active SAO accounts that have email enabled will be required to choose between UW Google Apps or UW Windows Live for email. Any NEW accounts will need to choose UW Google Apps or UW Windows Live to run email once the account is created.

Quick Facts on Cloud Services for UW Email

  • The UW NetID and official UW email address will not change, only the service behind the UW NetID
  • Email currently in RSO email accounts should have been moved prior to June 30, 2011

Steps Necessary to Switch Email Services – Currently Active Accounts

  1. Decide which service to switch to: UW Google Apps
  2. Activate the service (Google or Windows Live) via Manage UW NetID
    [Log in with the RSO NetID, not a personal UW NetID)
  3. Update email forwarding to a choice of UW Google Apps
  4. Transfer existing email to new service
    Transfer Instructions for UW Google Apps
    Transfer Instructions for UW Windows (Outlook) Live
  5. Turn off UW Email Inbox service

UW Tech Policies

Email/Web accounts are governed by existing University, UW-IT, and SAO policies. By establishing an Email/Web Account, RSOs agree to abide by these policies.

Policy References

Policy Owner

UW Information Technology
UW Tower C-3000

Updated: March 6, 2018.
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