Willem Van Heythuysen; Inspiration

HUB artwork entitled 'inspiration'

HUB Director's Art Award Ribbon PicDirector’s Art Award

Artist/s: Kyler Pahang

Location: Third Floor hallway by the D Center

Description from the artist: In this series of paintings, Willem Van Heythuysen, 2018; and Inspiration, 2019, I am focusing on empowering and celebrating cultures.
I was born in the United States of America of parents who are both from the Philippines, from the provinces of Cebu and Bohol. The culture I represent in my work is Filipino – a society that has been shaped and influenced by the colonization and occupation of the Spanish for 300 years, the Americans for 50 years, and the Japanese for 3 years.

The figure in Willem Van Heythuysen is Filipino – she stands holding her spear, adorned with fabrics and embellishments from the Northern Luzon region. She is in a position of power. Her stature is derived from portraits of the European Spanish upper class as depicted in the paintings of Goya, Pacheco, and Velázquez. The pose is specifically from Frans Hals, a Dutch painter.

Inspiration, 2019 is a further exploration of my Filipino background through constant questions in relation to my history, values, influences, and education. The figure is neither descending nor ascending, she is in a liminal space. Memories depicted by images of Filipino historical events such as the Spanish-Filipino war, American-Filipino war, Japanese-Filipino war, photos taken from my visits to the Philippines, and images of my own history, are covered by the lush tropical overgrowth that is evocative of the Philippines.

Composition/materials: Collage and oil on canvas

Year: 2018; 2019