Old Days

HUB Director's Art Award Ribbon PicHUB Director’s Art Award Recipient

Artist: Xiaoyi Gao

Location: Wall by Lyceum

Description: In modern China, old is not a good word; old means poverty and backwardness. The cities were brand new and built on the remains of old buildings. In this series, I try to draw the architectures, which contain Chinese culture and belief. In the delicate structures and design lie human wisdom and the nation’s spirits. A Chinese garden is not only a place for leisure, but a representation of Chinese yearning. Shan Lin (Mountains and Forests), which represents desire for living in seclusion, and Zhong Ding (Bell and Ancient Bronze Vessel), which represents pursuit of fame and fortune, are two things that Chinese chased after for centuries. You can get salvation from the cares of this world by having your private Shan Lin while you live in busy streets – this is what Garden stands for.

Composition/materials: Watercolor

Year: 2019

Part of series: No