Memorial Wall

George Washington

Artist/s: Unknown

Location: Travertine wall on the Ground Floor at the base of Stair 8

Description: These four shields were removed from their respective entrances when the HUB underwent its two-year remodel in 2010-2012.

The LUX SIT shields represent the University’s Latin Motto which translates as “Let there be light.” These two appeared over the main entrance to the building from when the first wing opened on October 25, 1949. There is some disagreement by Latin scholars regarding the translation but it has been in use since the first President of the University, Asa Mercer (1861-63) used it as part of the University seal. The other two shields were located either side of the Southwest entrance to the building. The University was founded in 1861 and the ASUW was founded in 1901 hence the first number on the shield. While the construction of the south wing began in 1951 it was not officially opened until May 23-25, 1952.

Composition/materials: Cast stone

Year: 1949 and 1952