HUB Director's Art Award Ribbon PicHUB Director’s Art Award Recipient

Artist/s: Kevin Marc Bernstein

Artist/s’ Details: Kevin graduated from UW with a MFA degree in 2005.

Description: 4-piece installment. Painting is a journey of discovery, as much as invention. The elements of nature, in flux and change, decay and growth, become a metaphor for the process of painting. Through time with a piece, the work emerges and retreats to reveal itself. As the process evolves, a morphology of the natural world occurs. The resulting images are a retrieval of an experience that would otherwise be lost. I am interested in humankind’s relationship to nature. Admiring how a mushroom and tree have a delicate interdependence of existence becomes a loaded metaphor for cultural and societal interdependence.

Composition/materials: Acrylic on board

Year: 2005

Part of series: No

Location: First Floor | Lyceum Foyer