HUB Director's Art Award Ribbon PicHUB Director’s Art Award Recipient

Artist/s: Hannah Bi

Description: Sometimes when I wake up from a long nap, it almost feels like I returned from a long battle. What happened when I was unconscious? Where was the boundary between being asleep and awake, and when did I slip through?

This painting is a memory and feeling of a scene from my daily life, which set in the quiet, private space of a bedroom. The figure’s slow return to consciousness is lit with the soft afternoon sun. While the scene depicted exists without much motion, I express the internal movement of memories, thoughts, and emotions through the slices of color that tumble down the walls and crawl over the bed.

With each layer that I put down, I’m reminded that far from being a faithful representation, each form is deliberately constructed yet changing over time. Previous colors and shapes peer through the newest brushstrokes, which reveals the process of the painting’s creation and mirrors the memories that seem to make up the actual physical space I’m depicting.

Composition/materials: Oil on Canvas

Year: 2021