Available Equipment & Resources

The Resource Center provides a variety of equipment, supplies, and space for use by student organizations that are currently registered through the Student Activities Office (SAO) and are in good standing. Students who are not a member of an RSO or whose group is not registered through SAO are encouraged to visit the Commuter & Transfer Commons in HUB 141.

SORC Whiteboard

SORC Staff

SORC Meeting Room

SORC Coloring

SORC Computer Lab

SORC Computer Lab

SORC Karaoke

SORC Karaoke

SORC Canopy Frame

SORC Buttons

SORC Button Making

SORC Banner Making

SORC Banner Making

SORC Banner Making

SORC Balloons


SORC Canopies

SORC Chairs

SORC Tables

Computer Lab

The SORC hosts a small network of computers.

  • Computers: 13 iMacs
  • Software: Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher)
  • Software: Adobe Creative Cloud (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat)

Printers and Copiers

The SORC has three (3) printers/copiers and one (1) plotter printer. Print codes are assigned to RSOs and are required for any print job.

  • Large format 24-inch wide color plotter printer
  • Black & white laser printer
  • Black & white digital copier
  • Black/white & color printer + copier
  • 24-inch laminator

Craft Supplies & Other Equipment

Several of these items are reservable online.

SORC Reservations

  • Balloons – limits apply
  • Butcher Paper for banners – limits apply
  • Button makers (1-inch and 2.25-inch) – limits apply
  • Chalk (water-soluble)
  • Coffee carafe
  • “Cricut” 12-inch die cutting (letter and shape) machine
  • Cutting boards (both heavy and light duty)
  • Cardstock
  • Color Paper (variety of colors)
  • Desks and work areas
  • Envelopes (standard and manilla), address labels
  • Hole Punches (both heavy and light duty)
  • Outdoor banner materials (vinyl)
  • Paints & brushes, marking pens
  • Paint-Drying Station – painted banners can be hung to dry
  • Paper-Cutting Station – small- & large-scale paper cutters
  • Paper Shredder
  • Poster paper (variety of colors)
  • Scanner (flatbed Epson)
  • Staplers (manual and electric), tape, glue
  • Storage Cubbies
  • Telephones (4 phone lines)


The kitchen in the SORC has a sink, storage cabinets, microwave, and refrigerator. The refrigerator is meant for short-term storage. Students are responsible for proper disposal of trash and food using the compost and trash containers in SORC or the HUB. Students are also responsible for cleaning up any messes in the sink, counter space, or microwave. The SORC Kitchenette is not considered an approved kitchen for food preparation or storage.

Storage Cages

The SORC has 3 storage cages available to RSOs for short-term storage. Typically, RSOs may store items that are used for tabling in front of the HUB or at Red Square. The SORC Storage Cages are not meant for long-term storage or to secure valuable items. Students interested in storing personal items at the HUB should consider renting a HUB Locker.

  • Honor System: The storage cages are not secured – honor system rules apply
  • Shared Space: All storage cages are shared among RSOs that use them
  • Size Limits: The storage cages measure 3-feet wide x 3-feet deep x 6-feet tall. Anything larger than the dimensions of the storage cages cannot be stored in the Resource Center.
  • Usage: Storage cage use is first-come, first-served
  • Usage: Storage cage use is based on a space available basis
  • Identification: All items must be clearly labeled with an RSO Name and contact info.
  • Quarterly Clear-Out: Storage cages are cleared out at the end of each quarter or at the discretion of the RC Manager
  • Notification: RSOs will be notified and are responsible for removing all of their items
  • Unclaimed Items: Unclaimed items will be recycled, disposed of, or turned in to the HUB Lost & Found
  • Restrictions: Perishable, combustible, or illegal substances, and guns/ammunition are expressly prohibited from being stored in the SORC storage cages
  • Penalties: Abuse or misuse of the SORC storage cages may result in loss of privileges for that student or student organization
  • Liability: The Resource Center is not responsible for loss of or damage to items in the storage cages. Please DO NOT store valuable or sensitive materials in the SORC cages.

SORC Meeting Rooms

The SORC has two (2) small meeting rooms available to RSOs which may be reserved online.

SORC Reservations

Name: HUB 111A & 111C
Type Small Meeting Room
Square Footage: ~112
Max Capacity: 10
Location: Resource Center, HUB 111
Suited for: Small meetings – RSOs only
Limitations: Availability: During SORC operations hours


  • 1 table
  • 6 chairs
  • Power outlets
  • 111A only: Dry Erase Board
  • 111C only: Karaoke Machine

The SORC Meeting Rooms may be reserved by RSOs via the online reservation system. An RSONetID (RSO email address) and valid RC Print Code are required in order to access the reservation system.

More information about accessing the online reservation system is available here.

Cleanliness: Students are expected to clean up after themselves when using the SORC Meeting Rooms. All food and materials must be removed and disposed of using the trash, recycling, or compost bins available in the Resource Center or HUB.