Promotional & Advertising Resources at SORC

The Resource Center provides several types of materials and resources to assist student organizations with advertising and promoting their events and activities. With close to 800 RSOs on the UW campus, the Resource Center must apply annual limits to the resources offered to RSOs. Each student organization is given a points allowance that can be used throughout the academic year for printing/copying and supply use.



11″ Balloons: The SORC carries balloons in a variety of colors. Hand air-pumps are available on-site to fill balloons. Limit: 1-15 balloons per day, per group
Cost: $0.08/balloon.

Bulletin Boards

The following locations provide bulletin boards that may be used by student organizations to advertise student organization events and activities.

  • Resource Center: Hundreds of students come to SORC every week. How better to get the word out!
  • The HUB: There are 11 bulletin boards located throughout the HUB. All bulletin board postings must be approved and stamped by a HUB staffer at the HUB Main Desk before being posted. More details…
  • Residence Halls: The main desk at the following residence halls accept posters/flyers to be posted at their location.
    Alder/Cedar/Elm/Poplar/Lander/Mercer Halls & Stevens Court – 206-543-0235 – Limit of 14 flyers
    Haggett Hall – 206-543-7164 – Limit of 2 flyers
    Hansee & McCarty Hall – 206-543-5527 – Limit of 5 flyers (drop off at McCarty)
    McMahon Hall – 206-543-7107 – Limit of 2 flyers
  • Odegaard: The staff at the first floor circulation desk accept and post flyers/posters.
  • Other Campus Locations: Student organizations are encouraged to contact the administrative offices or building management of any given campus building and abide by all posting guidelines or policies.


1-inch and 2.25-inch Buttons: The SORC has two (2) button makers, circle cutters, and button parts to produce 1-inch and 2.25-inch buttons. Button parts consist of 1 button back with pin, 1 button front, and 1 plastic cover. RC staff will provide button-making training as needed.
Limit: 1-60 buttons per day, per group
Cost: $0.08/2.25-inch button
Cost: $0.06/1-inch button


Chalk: The SORC provides water-soluble chalk for sidewalk chalking on campus. All chalking messages must identify the name of the student organization. Chalking is only allowed on asphalt walkways. Chalking is prohibited on brick walkways, stone, marble or vertical surfaces and cleaning fees may be assessed by Grounds Management for such infractions. Chalk may be reserved online.

SORC Reservations

Handbill Distribution

Printing/Copying: SORC printers and copiers may be used to produce handbills, leaflets, and fliers. In accordance with WAC 478-136-030, solicitation and distribution of handbills in the open areas of the HUB is strictly prohibited. Student organizations are permitted to distribute handbills and other materials on pedestrian walkways around campus but may not block the flow of traffic or interfere with scheduled events or activities. Printing Limits and costs apply.


24-inch Laminator: The SORC laminator is capable of laminating small to medium signs and paper banners and other flat paper materials. Laminating materials that will be used repeatedly allows them to last longer. The SORC does not recommend laminating signs with dates or items that advertise one-time events. Laminated items are not recyclable or biodegradable. Because of the high heat generated by the laminator, RC staff will assist with lamination projects.
Limit: TBD
Cost: TBD

Outdoor Banners

Temporary Outdoor Banners: The SORC offers materials to make temporary outdoor banners. The waterproof vinyl material with side grommets is 3-feet by 12-feet. Colored duct tape is used to produce the lettering or banner design. These temporary outdoor banners may be used with the Kane Hall Banner Space that is reserved through the SAO in HUB 232. Students are responsible for returning the materials to SORC following their reservation and removing all duct tape from the banner.
Limit: Based on vinyl banner availability

Paper Banners

Butcher Paper: The SORC offers butcher paper, paints, brushes, and marking pens to produce paper banners. RC staff are responsible for measuring and cutting all butcher paper. Painted banners may be hung to dry in the Paint-Drying Corner. Butcher paper colors: black, white, purple, gold, red, yellow, orange, pink, green, Lt. blue, dark blue, Lt. green.
Limit: 50 feet per week, per group


Tabling Outside

Tables/Chairs/Canopies: The SORC makes available tables, chairs, and canopies for outdoor tabling. Tables come in 6-foot, 4-foot, and card table sizes. Canopies are 10-feet by 10-feet. Tabling resources may be reserved up to 3 weeks in advance. Tabling is popular between the HUB and Suzzallo and at Red Square. During extreme weather conditions, RC staff will make a safety call on the usability of canopies to ensure campus and student safety.
Damage/Replacement Fee: $200

SORC Reservations

Tabling inside the HUB

The HUB allows tabling inside the HUB but only at designated HUB Information Tables.