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Nine Steps for RSO Event Planners

RSO Event Planning Checklist – pdf

STEP 1: Generate an Idea

Talk with the members of the Registered Student Organization (RSO). Brainstorm together. Be creative. Do all members support the idea? Are there existing funds or the ability to get funding? Is it new or unique event or a duplication of another program type that already exists?

STEP 2: Who Will Attend

Is the event for students, staff, non-students or a combination? Who is the target participant group? How many people are expected to attend? Make sure to discuss Use of University Facilities (UUF) requirements for advice, suggestions, and facility contact information.

STEP 3: Choose Event Date(s) Carefully

Does the event date(s) conflict with a major University event? 
SAO recommends checking the RSO Directory Calendar, HUB Calendar, and University Calendar for conflicts.

STEP 4: Reserve the Campus Space/Venue/Facility

Check space availability to see if the event date is possible. Reserve classrooms, meeting rooms and outdoor spaces. Contact The HUB, Classroom Scheduling, the ECC, Grounds Management or other campus facility managers. 
If unsure what space will meet event needs, meet with a Student Activities Adviser for advice, suggestions and facility contact information.

STEP 5: Equipment Needs

Will the event require tables, chairs, stage, podium, microphones, sound, lights or other equipment for the event space. The advisors in the Student Activities Office (SAO) will be happy to provide advice to support event planning efforts.

STEP 6: Other Event Needs

Serving food, selling goods or services, or acquiring an alcohol service permit require additional steps in the event planning process. Will there be speakers or performers? Will contracts be needed? Please discuss these event plans with an SAO Adviser.

STEP 7: Consider the Budget

What is the final and true cost for this event? Does the RSO have enough money? Will the RSO apply for funding from ASUW, GPSS, The HUB RSO Fund, Wells Fargo Fund for RSO, UWAA Funding, HUB RSO Travel Grant or other campus funding sources? Have you allotted time in your plan to complete applications, make presentations regarding your funding request? Work with an SAO Adviser to create a solid and realistic funding request.

STEP 8: Advertise the Event – For Free!

Advertise on the RSO Directory Events page, the HUB Calendar, hang a banner on Kane Hall, or get a shout out in the Daily’s RSO Update. Use social media or free copy options for RSO posters/flyers from the RSO Resource Center.

STEP 9: Review the Event Plan

There are different requirements for each type of event. Meet with an SAO Adviser early to ensure success!

Updated: May 23, 2018
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