Virtual Events

HUB Event & Information Services (EVIS) is happy to be able to offer two virtual event tools, Balloon and Gather to their clients.

Balloon is best suited for events with multiple sessions or events looking to provide their attendees with a more interactive event experience.

Gather is great for networking, information fairs, poster sessions, and short presentations.

Both of these services can be requested through the HUB reservation website using the EMS login provided by EVIS by selecting the Virtual Event option. To request Balloon select the Virtual Event room. Gather can be requested by selecting the Virtual HUB room.

Virtual Events Info Sheet


Do I have to build the virtual event myself?
Nope! HUB EVIS staff will assist you at every step.

What happens if there are technical issues on the day of the event?
HUB EVIS will have a staff member logged into the event at all times. They will be able to help troubleshoot problems and escalate them to the software company if necessary.