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Student Org Offices

Student Org Offices in the HUB

The Office Space Assignment Committee (OSAC) is responsible for assigning student organization office space in the Sub-Basement of the HUB. Student organizations must maintain their registered status, register by October 31 every year, and remain in good standing in order to remain eligible for HUB office space. The office assignment process follows the registration cycle by the Student Activities Office (SAO). For additional details please contact SAO in HUB 232.

Office Assignment Policy

Policy: HUB RSO Office Space

RSO Office Holders

Office Assignment RSO Email Last Registered
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Updated: January 11, 2018

Bad Company

HUB Games 8 Ball Tournament

HUB Games 8 Ball Tournament

Shaun King at the HUB

Shaun King at the HUB

POSTPONED: Casey Neistat

POSTPONED: Casey Neistat


Christina Buckman
University of Washington

Justin Camputaro, PhD
University of Washington

Karee Shaw
Washington State University