The HUB provides 4 tabling spaces on the HUB first floor and 2 on the HUB Ground Floor.  Additional space is available on the HUB patio. All tabling requests can be submitted via the HUB Reservations Website.

Tabling Inside the HUB

The HUB has 4 designated spaces on the HUB Main Street  and 2 spaces on the HUB ground floor which serve as HUB Information Tables and are the only method of tabling permitted inside the HUB. The HUB Information Tables are considered a reservable space within the HUB and therefore tabling requests are approved by HUB Event Services. Off-campus entities may reserve the HUB Information Tables but are restricted from conducting sales or fundraising of any kind. Electricity is limited and must be requested/approved in advance.

HUB Information Table Requirements & Conditions

  • Reservations: Must be submitted via HUB EMS at least 3 business days in advance.
  • Sales: RSOs may conduct sales or fundraising while tabling but must have a valid fundraising permit issued by SAO and signed by HUB Event Services.
  • Sales: Off-campus entities: are restricted from conducting sales or fundraising of any kind or collecting personal information.
  • Political Activity: HUB Information Tables CANNOT be used to advocate partisan political candidates and/or issues.
  • UUF Approval: Off-campus entities must receive campus sponsorship and UUF approval.
  • Identification: All organizations using a HUB Information Table MUST clearly display their name or campus department. Minimum size for this sign is 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • Display Area: All activities and displays must be confined to the designated 10’x6’ area.
  • Taping: Materials and posters may not be mounted on HUB walls, woodwork, marble pillars or casings.
  • Amplification: Use of projection or sound amplification equipment requires prior approval and must be disclosed in the reservation request. Sound levels will be monitored for the comfort of HUB guests and patrons.
  • Clean Up: Table users are responsible for removing and storing all materials, cleaning up their area, and removing any taped material from the table.

HUB EMS: Availability Check

Tabling Outside the HUB

Student organizations, UW departments, and off-campus entities may table on the HUB Patio (outside the HUB Main Entrance) and along the brick pathway with certain limitations. HUB Event Services does not provide equipment for tabling outside the HUB.

Outdoor Tabling Conditions: RSOs/ASUW/GPSS

The Student Organization Resource Center provides tables, canopies, and chairs to RSOs, ASUW entities, and GPSS for outdoor tabling efforts. There is no cost to student organizations to reserve equipment from the Resource Center.

Outdoor Tabling Conditions: UW Departments

UW departments must provide their own tabling equipment.

Outdoor Tabling Conditions: Off-Campus Entities

  • Reservations: Must be submitted via HUB EMS at least 3 buisness days in advance. Off-campus rates apply.
  • Tabling Equipment: Off-campus entities must provide their own tabling equipment.
  • All other tabling conditions previously listed still apply

HUB Tabling Guide Map

HUB Information Tables Locations