The HUB is located on central campus. Allen Library is to the west, the Communications Building is to the north, and Stevens Way NE runs along the east side of the HUB. Hall Health and the UW Club are located across Stevens Way NE to the east.

Directions to the HUB

The HUB on Google Maps

Bus Service to the HUB

When using Metro Transit, please use “UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON HUB” as the destination. There are a number of bus routes that stop at the Husky Union Building. Review Metro’s Schedules & Maps webpage and select “University District” for details.

Parking near the HUB

All parking on campus for vehicles, buses, or motorcycles, including for HUB visitors and guests, must be arranged in advance with UW Transportation Services or at any one of the gatehouse upon entering campus. Current parking rates and all parking related information can be found on the UW Transportation website.

  • There is no street parking available on the Seattle campus.
  • Free parking begins at noon on Saturdays and ends at 7am on Mondays except where noted.
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to abide by all parking lot signs and posted limitations.
  • Padelford Parking Garage is the nearest parking lot to the HUB.
  • Special event parking, e.g., athletic events, may limit access to certain parking lots near the HUB.
  • Bus parking requires advance approval by UW Transportation Services. Buses are required to park only in designated locations on campus. Submit a Bus Parking Request to UW Transportation Services.
  • Disability parking is available in Lot N-22, just north of the HUB. A valid N-22 parking permit is required in order to park there.
  • Load-In/Out parking spots are available in Lot N-22, just north of the HUB. Those spots require a valid parking permit and are limited to 15 minutes.
  • Parking is NOT allowed in Night Ride or U-Car designated spots in Lot N-22, just north of the HUB.
  • Parking is NOT allowed on the brick pavers or pathways that surround the HUB along the north, south or west sides.
  • Parking is NOT allowed in the HUB Loading Dock.
  • Buses are NOT allowed to drop off or pick up guests in N-22 or the HUB Loading Dock.

PLEASE NOTE: HUB staff do not make parking arrangements and cannot resolve parking citations for visitors, guests, or clients.

Biking to the HUB

The UW campus is very bicycle friendly and the HUB offers bike racks for cyclists to secure their bikes. Bikes are NOT allowed inside the HUB.

HUB Bike Racks

  • HUB North Entrance: 2 Racks – By ASUW Bike Shop and between North Entrance and N-22
  • HUB Southwest Entrance: 1 Rack – Between HUB and Sieg Hall
  • HUB South: 1 Rack by Bus Stop

HUB Bike House

Bike House rentals are managed by UW Transportation Services Bike Parking.

  • HUB Loading Dock – North

HUB Loading Dock

The HUB loading dock is located on the east side of the HUB along Stevens Way NE. The dock can accommodate up to 2 semi-trucks (back-in parking) or 4 delivery trucks in separate bays. The loading dock is NOT a parking lot.