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Name: HUB Lawn, HUB Patio, Brick Walkway to Allen, HUB Lawn Signs
Type Open Space
Square Footage: ~1092
Max Capacity: TBD
Floor: Grass
External Windows: NA, outdoors
Location: Outside, Between the HUB and Allen Library
Suited for: Special events, large outdoor events, festivals.
The HUB Lawn and Patio are available for outdoor programs sponsored by Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), and UW department and staff groups on a first-come, first-served basis.
All programs will be reviewed for potential disruption or conflict with the surrounding facilities including the HUB, potential safety risk to participants, spectators, the campus community, and any likely damage to the HUB Lawn which might occur.
A program may NOT directly or indirectly block the entrances to surrounding buildings or pathways.
Requests: Requests are accepted a minimum of 3 weeks in advance if amplification is NOT required
Or, a minimum of 4 weeks in advance if amplification IS required.
Setup Capacity
Open Space* TBD

Sound amplification is generally prohibited on the HUB Lawn. However, sound amplification on the HUB Lawn may be permitted provided the activity meets the following conditions and requirements:

  • Time Restrictions: Such activities would be restricted to Monday-Friday ten(10) minute class breaks,
    OR, a maximum of one(1) hour in length occurring between 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
  • Weekly Restrictions: A maximum of two (2) sound events per calendar week are allowed on the HUB Lawn.
  • Weather Restrictions: The ability to provide amplification is largely dependent on weather conditions. The HUB reserves the right to strike sound equipment due to inclement weather.
  • Proposal: Event organizers must submit a written proposal that demonstrates compliance with all amplification conditions and a willingness to work closely with HUB staff to meet these conditions.
  • Equipment Restrictions/Approvals: Advance approval of all equipment is required. Portable speakers, docks, or stereos may be utilized but CANNOT exceed 15 watts RMS. Equipment specifications must be included in the original proposal.
  • HUB Equipment Requirement: If additional amplification is needed, ONLY HUB sound equipment may be used. Use of HUB equipment requires an operator and entails fees.
  • Sound Levels: Will be restricted to the HUB Lawn area by ensuring that the sound level does not exceed a peak of 70 decibels db SPL 60 feetfrom the sound(s) source. Sound levels are monitored by HUB staff.
  • Drums: Live drums are NOT permitted. Only digital/electronic drums that utilize the HUB’s sound equipment for amplification are permitted.
  • HUB Personnel: If the use of sound amplification is approved, a HUB staff member will be assigned to monitor the sound level(s). Please be advised, organizing group will be responsible for all personnel fees. The event organizer must respond to any directives from the HUB staff member regarding sound level. Failure to comply will result in the cessation of the program.

Electrical Service

  • Installation: Any electrical service to the HUB Lawn/Patio/Brick Walkway must be installed by HUB & UW personnel.
  • UW Electrician: It may be necessary to have a UW electrician present for the duration of the event. Fees may apply.
  • Weather Restrictions: The ability to provide electrical service is largely dependent on weather conditions. The HUB reserves the right to refuse electrical service due to inclement weather.

Canopies, Tents, Tables

All objects to be placed on the lawn, patio or brick walkway and other pathways must be indicated for advance approval with the request on a diagram indicating item name, description-including size and purpose, and any additional pertinent information.

Staking is not permitted on the HUB Lawn.

Fundraising Activities

RSOs wishing to conduct sales or fundraising on the HUB Lawn, Patio, Brick Walkway must have a valid fundraising permit issued by SAO.

Video Wall

Major events held on the HUB Lawn qualify to have 1 free weekly ad on the HUB Video Wall. More details here...

HUB Lawn Signs

The HUB allows use of the HUB Lawn to place staked signage suitable for the outdoors. The HUB Lawn is considered a reservable HUB space and therefore HUB Lawn Sign requests are approved by HUB Event Services. HUB Lawn signs must meet the following:

  • Requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Requests must be submitted via the HUB Event Services online reservation request form.
  • Each organization is limited to 2 weeks of signage per quarter which may be requested either concurrently or as separate requests within the same quarter
  • Up to 4 organizations may post signs on any given day
  • HUB Lawn signs may need to be removed during any scheduled lawn events. The HUB will provide notification in this case and the requestors must comply with removing their lawn signage for the duration of the scheduled event.
  • Staked signs must use stakes no thicker than 1/16th of an inch.
  • Staked signs must not penetrate more than 5 inches into the ground.
  • Lawn signs must be a minimum of 1 foot away from the edge of the lawn

Use of University Facilities Policy

An approved UUF request is required for any event or meeting that is hosted by or open to individuals outside of the University, or meets certain other criteria that requires permission to use a University Facility.

Policy: Use of University Facilities
Website: Office of Special Programs - UUF Form

HUB EMS - Availability Check

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